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Get to know Club Play GM Ben Biernacki!

  Get to know … Ben Biernacki, GM of Club Play in South Florida When you’re in what is arguably the most competitive adult club market in the U.S., there are plenty of unique challenges that...

Get to know former DJ of the Year Ilan Fong!

  He has as unique a first name as you'll find in the industry—Ilan, pronounced EE-lon—and he's one of the industry's veteran club DJs. Ilan Fong, ED's DJ of the Year for 2016, has...

The Bucks brand makes waves in Texas!

Bucks co-owner Curtis Wise explains the history of the Bucks brand as well as what the future holds for it. In the animal kingdom, antlers serve a double purpose: objects of sexual attraction and weapons in...

Return of the Godfather — Michael J. Peter’s Solid Gold

After seeing two of his top clubs — Solid Gold and Pure Platinum — fall victim to a restrictive city ordinance, legendary club owner Michael J. Peter has now opened his “new” Solid Gold,...
Penthouse The Pub

Penthouse has the “Key” to club success

With the 2017 ED’s Overall Club of the Year already in their portfolio, find out why The Penthouse Club brand is the “key” to becoming the No. 1 club in your market. A group of...

SOiL has earned its lovin’

The Chicago-based rock band talks performing overseas, growth, their greatest-hits album and their unexpected cover of “Gimme Some Lovin’” The clock read 3 a.m. and Tim King found himself battling a bout of insomnia. As...

Do you really know adult film star & Entertainer of the Year Angela Sommers?!

Even if you’ve only seen her perform once, there are a couple of things about ED’s 2017 Overall Entertainer of the Year Angela Sommers that are impossible to ignore. She is stunningly beautiful, whether...

Meet the AVN Hall of Fame porn star DJ!

AVN Hall of Famer Brittany Andrews is soaking up her life as a DJ. Brittany Andrews asked her friend, Michelle Levy, an honest question about whether or not Levy could book her as an aspiring...

The senior citizen stripper?!

A particular conversation took place in the hallways of an adult nightclub that, as a promotional stunt, had placed a picture of a dinosaur in a bikini: Gentleman: ‘Ma’am can you help me?’ Lady: ‘Help you...

CLUB SINROCK: The name means more than you think!

What’s in a name? How’s that for an open-ended question. Though this query stems from Shakespeare, it’s application has never waned. Names are vital, whether we’re talking about people, products or businesses. In the strip...

Dennis DeGori

The man behind the E11EVEN Miami brand It could have been a Wednesday, a Thursday, a Friday. Any night, really. Dennis DeGori, owner/partner of E11EVEN Miami, was making his way through the club, from the...


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Strip Club Event Promotion

Promote Your Club Event

Do you have a big event coming up at your club—an anniversary party, holiday, feature entertainer, or a unique weekly or monthly special? We...
Justice The Pub

Quick Q&A with ED’s 2018 International Showgirl Justice

Quick Q&A with ED's 2018 International Showgirl Justice

Texas strip club assists tragic accident

  Rarely does an adult nightclub have the opportunity to assist with a tragic situation, but that was exactly the case when a train collided...
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