The strip club of the future looks like …

Platinum 84 owner Scott Richter asks—and attempts to answer—the perennial question about the future of the industry. In my last article, I may have suggested the sky was falling. Gentlemen’s clubs no longer come with...

Your customers are on social media – So why aren’t you?

For two straight years, Moving Targets has listened to adult club owners and operators share their experiences and frustrations with social media marketing via their EXPO Tradeshow booth. Here, Moving Targets’ Jenna Gross notes...

Millennials driving you crazy? READ THIS

Self-admitted “dinosaur” Sherry Cooper of the Deja Vu club chain finally decided that she was fighting a losing battle against her millennial and centennial staff and entertainers. Instead, she listened — and learned. At...

Marketing in a snap — Snapchat, that is

Moving Targets’ Jenna Gross explores how to maximize one of the most underused social media marketing tools—Snapchat. W hen we talk to each other, pass one another by on the street or simply live our lives,...

The 10 biggest mistakes bar managers make

Pour control, spillage, theft, slow bar service, menus that suck—these are just a few of the 10 critical errors bar managers make. Bar Media’s Robert Plotkin doesn’t just point out the errors, he offers...

For social media marketing, think more Fabio, less Tarzan

One of the things that I see regularly online is how people assume social media is something that is simply a quick “add-on” to their marketing strategy. It’s something people work on maybe once...


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Quick Q&A with ED’s 2018 International Showgirl Justice

Quick Q&A with ED's 2018 International Showgirl Justice

Texas strip club assists tragic accident

  Rarely does an adult nightclub have the opportunity to assist with a tragic situation, but that was exactly the case when a train collided...
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