Trademark The Pub

Always use protection: Trademarks, that is!

Thanks to a 2017 Supreme Court ruling, a ban on trademarks that were “scandalous” or “immoral” in nature has been ruled unconstitutional. What does that mean for your club’s trademark? Attorney Maxine Lynn of...

A turn of the tide in dancer class-action suits?

Attorneys Brad Shafer and Matt Hoffer strike at the heart of dancer class-action lawsuits! For a change, we have some very good legal news to report. The attorneys of Shafer & Associates, P.C. — for...

Don’t use any “stock photos” of girls before you read this article!

The word “epidemic” may seem a bit extreme, but yet it’s the word that comes to mind when examining the rash of “stock photo” (false advertising) civil lawsuits aimed at adult nightclubs over the...

EXPO Legal Panel 2017:

  The what, why & how of converting dancers into employees   The EXPO Legal Panel will feature a club owner who converted the dancers at four clubs to the “employee” model, as well as two labor...
Chargeback The Pub

How to handle the nightmare of a “chargeback”

Chargebacks have become an unfortunate inevitability in the big-spender’s world of adult nightclubs. What steps can you take to prevent chargebacks, and how much damage can be done to your merchant processing if you...

“Arbitration agreements”: Lawsuit cryptonite?

Legal correspondent Larry Kaplan, along with attorneys Luke Lirot and Matt Hoffer, report on the latest developments from recent wage and hour court cases, especially as they relate to arbitration agreements and contracts. Employment issues...

Strip clubs: Your local government NEEDS you!

On the one hand, they pass ordinances restricting how you operate your adult nightclub. But on the other hand, according to First Amendment attorney Eric Bernstein, your local government needs the tax revenues generated...


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Strip Club Event Promotion

Promote Your Club Event

Do you have a big event coming up at your club—an anniversary party, holiday, feature entertainer, or a unique weekly or monthly special? We...
Justice The Pub

Quick Q&A with ED’s 2018 International Showgirl Justice

Quick Q&A with ED's 2018 International Showgirl Justice

Texas strip club assists tragic accident

  Rarely does an adult nightclub have the opportunity to assist with a tragic situation, but that was exactly the case when a train collided...
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