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He’s on his Jax Jones

  Jax Jones got his artist name from the English saying, “On my Jack Jones,” meaning to be on one’s own. And that’s exactly how he wanted to carve out his own artistic image. Now firmly...

Screech to host On the Border’s Halloween party!

Dustin Diamond (aka "Screech") is set to host On the Border’s “Saved by the Border” '90s Halloween costume party on Halloween night! The EXPO’s theme this year was “Party Business,” with an emphasis on how...

Get to know Xtreme’s Matt McTeague

  While ED Publications produces the only national business-to-business magazine for the adult nightclub (strip club) industry, there are several “regional’ magazines around the country who cover the strip club businesses from a more “local”...

Entertainers: Your shot at $2,000!

  Feature Entertainers: How would you like a shot at $2,000 cash?! It's as easy as getting "shares" and "likes" for promoting the City Girls track "I'll Take Your Man"! Long-time ED/Expo supporter,, is offering two...

The industry’s hottest DJ?

Adult film star Darcie Dolce moonlights on the decks at nightclubs, parties—and even strip clubs. But as the brunette beauty explains, not everyone is on board with her side gig. Darcie Dolce may have a...

CLUB SINROCK: The name means more than you think!

What’s in a name? How’s that for an open-ended question. Though this query stems from Shakespeare, it’s application has never waned. Names are vital, whether we’re talking about people, products or businesses. In the strip...


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The “King” is dead?

  Though formerly an urban club mecca, King of Diamonds in Miami has closed shop—perhaps, for good. It wasn’t that long ago that King of Diamonds...

PaperMoon club announces charity drive for homeless

  PaperMoon Gentlemen's Club in Springfield, Virginia supports homeless community by raising donations for New Hope Housing  For those in the Springfield, Virginia area, you are...

Waitt on Wednesday

There are a lot of people with dogs in my neighborhood. Many of those people walk their dogs around the neighborhood every day. All of those dogs crap somewhere along that walk.
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