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Are you ready to be oddly aroused? This goofy gal guarantees to make you laugh! She is a silly seductress and a beautiful buffoon with balloons. Her likes include balloon animals, cotton candy and the tears of grown men.

Introducing the freelancer of fun, a fun fanatic, the purveyor of party, a peddler of pleasure, the pervert from Portland….

She is a clown with many tricks up her sleeve; only she’s probably not wearing any sleeves! Are you ready for some frivolity and festive foolishness? Are you down to clown?

What I Love About The Industry: Honestly I’ve alway been considered a party girl. I love to have fun, and where better to do the than a strip club! What’s not to love between hot girls and alcohol? What I love is I can make a living partying with others and in our industry the party never stops! What makes any party even better? A party clown!!!

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