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Waitt on Wednesday

There are a lot of people with dogs in my neighborhood. Many of those people walk their dogs around the neighborhood every day. All of those dogs crap somewhere along that walk.

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The ED EXPO | 2018

EXPO Tradeshow

EXPO Tradeshow August 20 and 21, Hard Rock Vegas

2018 ED’s Awards Show

2018 ED’s Awards Show August 21, The Joint Theater, Hard Rock, Vegas

EXPO Splash Bash and $10,000 Bikini Contest, presented by Religion Tequila

EXPO Splash Bash and $10,000 Bikini Contest, presented by Religion Tequila August 22, Rehab Pool, Hard Rock Vegas

Opening Night ‘80s Movie Party & Pre-ED Awards

Opening Night ‘80s Movie Party & Pre-ED Awards August 20, Vanity Nightclub, Hard Rock Vegas

Nicky Biggs to the mainstage …

  Nick Failla has spent the better part of two decades in the gentlemen’s club industry,...


Waitt on Wednesday

Mary, Mary quite contrary How does your garden grow? News reports now say that body parts of murdered Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi have been found...

Waitt on Wednesday

  NOT A CUSTOMER I was on a Jet Blue flight the other day, already seated, seat belt snapped, overhead AC vent turned on high, watching...

Promote Your Club Event

Do you have a big event coming up at your club—an anniversary party, holiday, feature entertainer, or a unique weekly or monthly special? We...

Quick Q&A with ED’s 2018 International Showgirl Justice

Quick Q&A with ED's 2018 International Showgirl Justice

Texas strip club assists tragic accident

  Rarely does an adult nightclub have the opportunity to assist with a tragic situation, but that was exactly the case when a train collided...

I will never buy coffee from Starbucks again.

Nothing brightens your day more than coffee and a happy bikini girl. I think this business model would work better for Starbucks. Maybe Atlanta...


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