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Get to know Club Play GM Bob Biernacki!

  Get to know … Ben Biernacki, GM of Club Play in South Florida When you’re in what is arguably the most competitive adult club market...

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The ED EXPO | August 19-22

Three EXPO 2018 Seminars on One Topic:

  PARTIES At Your Club Seminar 1:  CHOOSING the Party Fresh, out-of-the-box parties that attract a newer generation of...

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Reserve a Complimentary Meeting Room

Reserve a Complimentary Meeting Room For Your State Chapter at EXPO 2018 We will have complimentary...

Jessimae Peluso to host ED’s!

The hot comedian is set to host 2018 ED’s Awards Show in Las Vegas!   Presented by...


Suzie Malone’s Le Magique Fantastique!

The four-time ED's Entertainer of the Year nominee to star in Le Magique Fantastique residency inside Bally's in Vegas! Suzie Malone, the "World’s Only Magic...

Waitt on Wednesday

So a grown man was attacked, killed and partially eaten by a cougar this week in Washington state.

Who should make ED’s Awards Final Ballot?

It’s time for YOU to let us know which adult nightclubs, club staff and feature entertainers should make our Final Ballot for the ED’s...

Waitt on Wednesday

  SCARY Not really the headline you expect to see over morning coffee: “Ohio Pastor Pleads Guilty To Sex Trafficking of Minors” A pastor? No, not a pastor. How about...

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All hail the shot kings—jello shots, that is

Touting speed of service, quality control and risk mitigation, Jevo is ready to revamp the alcohol industry within gentlemen’s clubs. In their own words, Jevo’s...

This ain’t your granddaddy’s moonshine!

When you think of moonshine, your mind may drift to backwood operations churning out the unsavory spirits by way of moonlight that would rob...

Dazzled trims for your rims

Whatever the occasion or event, there is always an excuse to have drinks that dazzle. Fun, flirty and fabulous, Dazzle Your Drinks offers 24...

Lit up like a Christmas tree

At Lit, they believe that life should be a party … When the sun goes down, everyone should leave a little time to unwind...

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